Since I remember, I love dogs. We have dogs already in my childhood. When I was 15 years old I bought my first pure bred dog. That was a german shephard Nord. Nord left us in 2000. At that time, my girlfriend and I decided to buy new german shephard but this time female. She was the first dog who guide us into the world of shows and cinology.

And how I meet golden retrievers? As Bojana wished so much that sweet soft dog, we started to look for a golden retriever puppy. We visited many breeders and check many litters in Slovenia at that time. In 2002 we met our Vana. It was the love at first side. Small little girl puppy grew up and become a happy golden female, who loves water, likes to work and loves all living creatures. Her character woke up in us the passion for breeding golden retrivers. We started a kennel named Monte Gerass. Monte comes from old name for Dornberk (Monte Spino). Gerass comes from Hebrew name Gera, which means grain. The name Gera you can find in Old testament of Bible and was significantly for descendants from Hebrew family of father Benjamin.


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